The other day I had a Spotlight about lotions. That is how Amy and I came in contact for the first time. I had sent her a message about her item being featured on my blog.

You can find Amy here on Zibbet, in the Meet the seller section you can read this about her:


I loves me some beauty products!!!! But after reading the labels, I was becoming horrified at the ingredients!!!!! So through much trial and error, I created my own! I am very proud to say that they are 100% natural and made with love and care just for you!!!


My crafting is a home based business, in my kitchen. The heart of my home!
I started crafting about 2 years ago. My now 4 year old son was diagnosed with autism. And of course like all parents when you hear this news, you start researching like crazy. One of the theories in autism research is the chemicals that are absorbed through our skin could be the cause.20150314_211150

So I started reading and reading and reading. And came to find that everything we use has mass amounts of chemicals and potential toxins. And I thought…… I can make soap for my kids…… why not? So I did. Then that morphed into learning about essential oils and carrier oils. I was amazed. And then my body butter was born. But I needed to have a lotion in my purse, right? Who doesn’t! And since I’m constantly wiping my kids off I started using my Stick it to Me on their lil hands and face. It became indispensable.

I draw a lot of inspiration from friends. Other mom’s complaints basically. “I spent $75.00 on an eye cream and I swear it doesn’t work!” “My skin is so dry, what can I do?” So I got to work! I make products for them and in turn they are my lab rats. They give me honest feedback and I tweak away! Turn the radio on and do work! I love it! I am currently working on an eczema cream for my friend who is an iron worker and his skin is under the harshest conditions.

My most favorite medium to work with is shea butter. I get the best and get the best results! It’s just so amazing. It helps with everything from wrinkles to itching, allergies, sunburns and blemishes. Because it is so versatile I use it in as many products as possible.  It is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. And is chock full of the essential fatty acids needed to boost collagen production! It really is awesome!
Remember it only takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb what we put on it, so why not use products that are natural and without chemicals!


And who would not want to dive into this yummy looking cream and do something good for yourself?


Thanks for your comments!

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