Spotlight Friday: South Carolina

Last week I sadly had no time to write a Spotlight, as you might know I live in South Carolina, and we where busy cleaning up from the mess that Mother Nature had put upon us.  I am finally catching up on laundry, after 13 days of constant rain. I don’t have a dryer and it was too humid to hang it up in the house. And the kids where out of School and wanted to be kept busy. We couldn’t drive anywhere, do to washed out roads. There where curfews in place that kept us grounded as well.

The October 2015 North American storm complex was a high precipitation event that caused historic flash flooding across North and South Carolina. The incipient cold front traversed the Eastern United States on September 29–30, producing heavy rain in multiple states. The system subsequently stalled just offshore. Tapping into moisture from the nearby Hurricane Joaquin, a developing surface low brought heavy, continuous rain to southeastern States, with the worst effects concentrated in South Carolina where catastrophic flooding is ongoing. The event culminated in South Carolina on October 4 when numerous rivers burst their banks, washing away roads, bridges, vehicles, and homes. Hundreds of people required rescue and the state’s emergency management department urged everyone in the state to not travel.[4] Some areas of the state have seen rainfall equivalent to a 1-in-1000-year event.  (

A video, with a little bit of humor, that is much needed here at the moment.

It seemed like the rain will never stop. We had a few days with out rain and then on the weekend it came down pouring again, so we had more roads washed out, more dams breached. The kids where out of School for a whole week. The buses could not pick up the kids and bring them safely to School. It was amazing to see how the South Carolinians pull together, strap on their boots and help each other out in tough times.Sport teams helped clean out flooded houses, gathered at collection points to help load up all those donations. Churches where overrun with clothes, water and food donations to help those who had lost everything.  Of course this will not be over any time soon. It will take a long time to rebuild, to get back to a little bit of normal. This Monday most of the Schools in Lexington reopened again, a little delayed, but open. Every morning at drop off I see kids lugging big bags of donations in to the School

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6 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: South Carolina

  1. blnl

    South Carolina pride! Even though we are not natives, we love where we live and we will bounce back.


  2. I love your feature…so sad to see South Carolina with what it had to endure. I lived in Columbia in the 50’s. Too small to remember but my parents were always picture takers which is great!! Great spotlight!!


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