Spotlight Friday: A courageous hamster

“Mom, can you come here” I heard while getting the lunch boxes ready for my kids. It was about 6:30 am and I was still a little sleepy.  “hold on, can it wait a minute?” I hollered back.

“aehm…, can you come here now” was the immediate answer. So I put my knife down, cleaned my hands and made my way to my kids room. “Funny, why is the door closed” I thought while I walked into her room.

Then I saw her sitting on her bed looking like a picture of misery.  “what is wrong?” I asked her. And she said “he is gone” and pointed to the hamster cage. “what do you mean he is gone?” was my question. And as I looked at the hamsters house I saw no Dusty.

Oh no, now my thoughts went into overdrive. Where could this fuzzy little thing have gone to? First I told her to pick up everything from her floor. Then look under all your pillows and sheets.

Then she found some fluffies from her friend and said “oh he was over here, but he is not here anymore”, got a flashlight to look behind her bed. No hamster there either. I had accidentally left her room door open and in comes our cat. While I was trying to chase him back out I looked under the table where the hamster lives and thought, I have not looked there yet. I picked up the top of the Pirate play mobile ship and there he was. Giving me a look like “finally you come to rescue me, about time!” After he was back in his cage he went straight to the water and filled up his little poor belly.

I don’t know what his plans where, if he was planning on playing Pirate games or if he was planning on going on a cruise and forgot to pack his bag and lunch, he sure gave my little one a heartache this morning.

I still don’t know how or when this little fuzzy friend escaped. But I sure hope he learned his lesson and will stay home in the future. Unless he really wanted to sail away and experience the big wide world of adventures of our house.


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Might have to double check in on our furry friend a little bit more often. Maybe he was a little bit lonely and just needed some company and someone to cuddle with.


aw, so many happy hamsters on Etsy, had to put them together in a treasury.

So what kind of escape stories of your pets can you share?



8 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: A courageous hamster

  1. I used to have a hamster who would escape repeatedly, but the cage was shut and I couldn’t work out how she could possibly have got out. One night I caught her in the act- she managed to squeeze right through the gap in the bars of the door of her cage because it was just a teeny bit wider than the normal bars! We ended up having to secure it with a strip of wood!

    Thank you for sharing your hamster escape story, and thank you especially for sharing my felted Hamlet hamster.


  2. I could share several pet escape stories. Not all of them ended well 😦
    My hamster Klops was a real Houdini. Once we found her in the sock drawer. There was a gap in the back, probably for ventilation. By the time we found her, she had already made most of our socks into a gorgeous big nest. She looked very happy and very smug. The nest went into her cage and we bought new socks.
    Another thing she liked to do was when she was out running around to look for chocolate. Back then we had a cardboard box with single chocolates that opened on one side. If you didn’t look, she sneak in there, and when I carefully pulled her out by her butt and feet, she held on to the chocolate which was huge compared to her. I always felt a little bad about taking it from her, but comforted her with her beloved mealworms instead!


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