Spotlight Friday : The Alps

This morning I got a little sentimental. It was around 7:30 when I came back from dropping the kids off in School. While I was driving I had a wonderful sky on the left, all in pinks and purples, the sky was literally  on fire. Straight ahead though the clouds where piling up for some rain.  They looked beautiful and reminded me of the Alps.


So majestic. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) across eight Alpine countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

When I was younger we used to do family trips into the Alps, sometimes just for a day, sometimes for a few days. If it was a day trip everyone had  a little backpack with something to drink and some food. Always wearing “Bergstiefel”(climbing boots)

6627_0, looking like this. I remember mine had red shoelaces.  And having a walking stick, mostly found on the way up. Or sometimes when you found “the walking stick” you would keep it and bring it back the next time.

If it was a trip over few days, then you would spend the night in a “Berghuette” (Alpine hut/ shelter). Some of them would be just one big room with beds in it, and some of them would have more rooms. You’d have to plan and call ahead of your trip to make sure you will get some place to sleep.


I still have the memory in my head of walking up the hills over the “Alpenweiden” (alpine pasture) and hearing the cows with their bells.

(Kuehe und Kaelber auf die Bergweide bringen/  taking the cows and calves  up to the pastures)

Or drinking the cold fresh water coming out of the mountains, sticking your toes in to cool off after a long hard climb. Or trying to wash off the cow poop from your shoes that you accidentally stepped into. I can still smell it. Not only the cow dung, but the fresh air, the flowers and the water.


Here are the Zibbet items that I found for you:   (click on the picture or link and it will take you to the corresponding shop)

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Journal/ Pocket Notebook, Mountain Journal Collection by printstitchandpaste

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Waterfalls on Roaring River At Stone Mountain A North Carolina State Park Fine Art Photo by JohnHarmonGallery

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Wood Sculpture, Serene Mountains, Wall Decor, Wall Hanging Wall Art by GalleryatKingston

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‘Go Climb A Mountain’ (#841) rustic wooden sign by Little Rustic Sign Shop

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Beer Stein, Mountain Landscape, Best Man Gift, Etched Glass Beer Mug by bradgoodell

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Snowcap Mountain at the Lake by leonard dyer artworks

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magical Slovenia scene 5 x 7″ fine art photography print by shashamane

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Scandinavian Mountain Print, poster by Northshire

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Abstract ACEO modern art card Purple Mountains ATC small format art SFA by Jennizart


and now let’s look at the Etsy Treasury of Alps : (click on this <- link and it will take you to Etsy)the-alps




If you’d like to see a little bit more of why I miss my Bavaria so much, you can watch this video (it’s about 25 min)


Spotlight Friday: Teddy bear

This year my family gave me a gift, that brought back a lot of memories. On my birthday they went out to the mall, so I could have a few hours of “me time”, and they came back with a Teddy that had a heartbeat and said “Happy Birthday Mommy”.

It immediately took me back to two very special memories I have.  One was a bear that I had gotten from my Grandparents when I was about 2 years old. I loved that Teddy and it had to go everywhere I went. He looked like this bear.


So when we left Germany to go to PNG it was with me in Boarding School and it came with me when I had to leave PNG early to go back to Germany. By that time his fur was pretty worn, but he always gave me the feeling of being safe. At some point he lost one of his eyes, but that didn’t matter to me.  Sadly I do not know what happened to this very loved bear. I am suspecting that when my parents came back from Overseas and we moved that it got tossed because it looked a little “old”.

The other memory I associated with my new bear was one from Boarding School as well. After School in the afternoon the staff and teacher that worked there offered activities like learning how to play the guitar, do woodwork, learn how to batik or play the recorder. I remember one time one of our matrons offered a reading club. I knew I wanted to join that immediately. I loved books, always had some under my pillow for “midnight reading” with my flashlight hoping not to get caught. So when I got to the first meeting she told us that she had picked a few books of the series  “A Bear Called Paddington (1958)” (written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and other artists)

I enjoyed those afternoons listening to someone read the story, laying on a blanket watching the clouds go by and imagine yourself living Paddingtons stories. Sometimes we would share his favorite snacks while reading.  I lived through those adventures with him, it wiped away the sadness for a little while, made being homesick a little less heavy.

My family named my new bear “Fuzzy” and it has a cute little dress. During the day she sits on my bed. At night times my youngest one will grab her and cuddle up with Fuzzy and push her chest every once in a while to hear her heart beat. 21709LR Isn’t she cute?

I see it coming that this bear will be “owned” by my youngest for a little while longer. That makes me happy. I really miss the bear that I received from my Grandparents at a young age, but this Fuzzy  is a wonderful reminder of all my Teddy memories and is just as significant.

These are my Teddy Zibbet finds

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Instant Digital downloa.Little girl in tutu dances with teddy by Ruffles and Roses

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Unscented Pink Castile Soap Teddy Bear by MadeInMystic

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16 inch chenille teddybear by crivellobears

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Crib mobile Baby mobile Nursery decor by ZooToys

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Whimsical Cute Fantasy Art Painting – Be Very Careful by rusticgoth

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Stained Glass Original Design, Teddy Bear and Basket by Rick’s Artglass

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Handmade decoupaged birthday card by CrowCottageCrafts

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Teddy Pattern – Fred Bear Old Bear by warmheartcraft


Slipping away into memory lane here, just looking at all those cute Teddies.

Here are some I found on Etsy:  (this link will take you to the Treasury)


A few months ago I stumbled over the DVD from Paddington Bear. And I couldn’t help myself I had to bring it home. The whole family sat down and watched the movie. Often somebody would talk during movie time in this house. But this time it was so quiet and you could see tears getting wiped away here and there. It might be a simple movie but it held a ton of memories for myself and made new ones for my kids.

Here a little teaser for you, if you haven’t seen it yet.


I want to wish you a wonderful day with lots of good old and new memories!


Spotlight Friday: Sleep

 a condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.



How many hours of sleep do you need? I seem to never get enough. The last week was pretty hectic and my sleep either too short or constantly interrupted. And hubby has a few days off so that throws me totally out of my daily routine.

I am a very light sleeper, so any noise wakes me up and then it takes an eternity to get back to sleep.

Babies can sleep through a circus. Older kids may fight bedtime. And teens — good luck getting them out of bed on a weekend.

But what about you — the grown-up? Your sleep life is still changing — and not just because time is passing.

How does sleep work in adulthood? Does it change — for better or worse — as we age? And why do we feel like we never get enough of it?

An average adult needs between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep per night. “But many people can function with 6 hours’ sleep, and there also some who need 9 hours or more.”


If you look at the 1960s and 1970s, people reported average sleep times of 8-8.5 hours a night. Today, it’s much more likely to be 7-7.5 hours or less.

For men, sleep problems tend to get progressively worse with age.

But for a woman, sleep patterns tend to be fairly stable until one of two things happen: She gets pregnant or she goes through menopause.

There are a lot of articles out there about how to get better sleep, a big variety of tips and tricks.

What are your favorite tricks to get a better good night of sleep?

Here are some sleepy impressions I found on Zibbet:

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Fabric blocks MAUD TOUSEY FANGEL image of a sleeping baby by Ruffles and Roses

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Sleeping Cowboy Metal Western Wall Yard Art Silhouette Life Size by CabinHollow

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Balinese Indonesian Artist Original Painting Of Sleeping tiger APAN-027
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Beauty Sleep Serum with Organic Argan Oil & Essential Oils – 50ml
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Cute Owl Nursery Art by LightheartedDreamer

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Baby Boy’s Nursery Art customized Sign by AndTheSignSays

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Two in one pillow cover and toy teddy bear pocket pillow case by Beecreativebox

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‘Sleep Rox’ Bath Salts : Sleep Enhancing Lavender Aromatherapy Soak by FreshSugarRox

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I sleep Naked Dog Collar Bandana by LittleDogsCloset


I am hoping for some better nights to come up, for some more deep, restful sleep. In the meantime I enjoyed searching for some sleep items on Etsy


I wish you a wonderful weekend, with plenty of sleep !3417765cd2b03cb29797fac6a1c995f9


Spotlight Friday: BBQ

It is tradition now in our house to have a BBQ  every year on the second weekend in April. Why?

In our family there are three Birthdays within 8 days. Nobody can handle that much Birthday cake and parties. That is why we decided to have one big one for the three Birthday kids. Instead of presents everyone that comes, brings a dish and some chairs to sit on.

Hubby loves to BBQ so there was not a question about should we or should we not. He BBQ’s rain or shine, freezing cold or humid hot.  I have a vivid memory of my husband standing on our porch in Germany in short pants, his utensils in his hands lifting the lid of the grill while the snowflakes where coming down and his feet stuck in his flimsy house shoes that  where covered with snow. As well as in the Southern Californian heat around 115 F+ hanging out in the backyard with a friend reminiscing about old times.

At one time while in Germany he gifted a Grill to our best friend. But we couldn’t bring it to the party so he had me make a grill that could be handed over as a certificate.

stefan grill

Mini gummy hamburger and hot dogs included.

The second weekend is coming up quick, our freezer and fridge is filled to the top with ribs, different kinds of ground meats, steaks and all kinds of other stuff that is going to hit the grill. Yesterday he started to pull things out to start defrosting. My kitchen looks like a meat market. By tomorrow you will get a whiff of meat basting in sauce every time you open the fridge. Our neighbors will get this experience as well, because our fridge is not big enough to hold all those goodies, so we “share” with them, or rather, they empty their fridge so our meat fits in there.

In the mean time, I will organize everything else. Volleyball and badminton for the kids, boccie tournament for the grownups, prizes and all the other necessities. The week before the party is a mad one. Pick up family from the air port, get rooms ready and double check what every one else is bringing. If I missed something, that still needs to be picked up.

Saturday morning is usually early and pretty busy, filled with anticipation. Then by 3 o’clock people start arriving, some show up earlier. There is no real set time when this thing starts or ends. It is a loose and fun get together. We always enjoy this day in April, there is usually a lot of stories and  a lot of laughter.

So let the count down begin for your yearly fun filled BBQ!



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Tape Measure Barbecue Cookout Retractable Measuring Tape by AllAboutTheButtons

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US Navy…Boys BBQ/Tailgating Apron Set GO NAVY!! by Anna’s Array

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Corn on the Cob – Greeting Card of Print by tornpaperco

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Watermelon Coasters/Crochet Cotton Drink Coasters by Hope of Glory Farm

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Bamboo Cocktail Drink Party Appetizer Picks Toppers Stirrers Skewers by torstenni

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Back yard cookout prep island in one inch dollhouse scale
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A Grill-in BOX Card – One of A Kind by ScrapPantry

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Vintage BBQ Barbecue Divided Plate Made in Japan
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Farmhouse Kitchen Napkins Picnic BBQ Patio Table Setting Set of 4 by theaterwear


All those pretty BBQ things, makes me want to fast forward. If you like one of the items, just click on the picture and it will take you to the shop in Zibbet.


And now let’s see what you can find for BBQ on Etsy:



Now pull your grills out, sharpen your knives , season some meat and enjoy your weekend!!!



Spotlight Friday: change

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Quite a few things have been happening around here. Good and fun things. We are enjoying Spring break right now, too bad it is only 5 days, better than nothing though. We needed this interruption, to sort everything out to set new goals and have a little bit of fun. On a sad note though there will be a change this weekend that my youngest is quite upset about. She will loose her friend that lives right across the street.  They play often for hours outside or either our or their house, after school. On the weekends the phone rings or the doorbell, asking if they can play. And then they keep themselves busy for hours, often it is in and out all day for a quick snack or drink. 1108_change-800x480

A few weeks ago we got home from School and my daughter saw a strange looking person in their yard taking pictures. She asked me what this guy was doing. I had a feeling that there would be a sign going up any second. And it did. “For sale” was pounded in the ground.  My kid was standing in the window, her jaw dropped and then the tears started rolling down her cheeks “I will loose my only friend”.

What do you answer to this? As a grown up you totally get it that there is a constant change in life. But how do you make this less hurtful for your kid.  She saw her whole world changing at this moment and it broke my heart to see it.  I could totally understand where she is coming from. She is like me, not letting a lot of people close.  And growing up we moved around a lot, even later I was barely more than 5 years in one place. So you have a few friends, because you don’t want to go through this hurt so often.

I knew it wouldn’t help her when I told her that her friend is not moving far away and she will stay in the same School as her. It was not the same anymore, she will not be able to just walk across the street to just hang out. Now she’d have to make a phone call and hope that her friend would be available and get in the car to drive and only have time until she will be picked up again.

Everything will be different and that is what scared her. Her world was falling apart.

The move will be happening this weekend and at this moment my kiddo is still sad. She is not ready to conquer the fear and see the new possibilities. I know she will. Often change is hard, when it is not coming from you. 53992_20130209_071739_562477_307900815948311_178869285_n

It was not her choice to loose her friend. But we will work with this and find the positive things in this together. She will be able to move on. I think it is important to be allowed to feel the loss, the anger, the denial and bargaining. And take all the time she will need to process. At the end she will accept and will be able to move on in her own given time frame. I am here when she needs me.


Those are the inspirations I found on Zibbet for “change”:

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Sign for Dorm Room, Teen Girl’s Room, Young Girls Room by Dandelion Wishes Design

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Hand Stamped Circle Pendant, Hand Stamped Jewelry, by LuxePersonalizedJewelry

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Go Change the World Map Hand Painted Canvas Wall Art by Paintingsbyjocie

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Autumn Woodland Photograph by AmeliaKayPhotography

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Deck notebook of reporter type by ExiArts

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Teacher Gift Wooden Block Teacher change the World by nannieandbcrafts

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I Can Change Everything Wall Graphic Quote by WilsonGraphics

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MOTIVATION QUOTE – Follow your Dream by tornpaperco

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Winter Tree Landscape Photograph by AmeliaKayPhotography


How do you handle change?

Here some more ideas from Etsy:




I hope your changes may all be positive. Have a wonderful week.