Spotlight Friday: change

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Quite a few things have been happening around here. Good and fun things. We are enjoying Spring break right now, too bad it is only 5 days, better than nothing though. We needed this interruption, to sort everything out to set new goals and have a little bit of fun. On a sad note though there will be a change this weekend that my youngest is quite upset about. She will loose her friend that lives right across the street.  They play often for hours outside or either our or their house, after school. On the weekends the phone rings or the doorbell, asking if they can play. And then they keep themselves busy for hours, often it is in and out all day for a quick snack or drink. 1108_change-800x480

A few weeks ago we got home from School and my daughter saw a strange looking person in their yard taking pictures. She asked me what this guy was doing. I had a feeling that there would be a sign going up any second. And it did. “For sale” was pounded in the ground.  My kid was standing in the window, her jaw dropped and then the tears started rolling down her cheeks “I will loose my only friend”.

What do you answer to this? As a grown up you totally get it that there is a constant change in life. But how do you make this less hurtful for your kid.  She saw her whole world changing at this moment and it broke my heart to see it.  I could totally understand where she is coming from. She is like me, not letting a lot of people close.  And growing up we moved around a lot, even later I was barely more than 5 years in one place. So you have a few friends, because you don’t want to go through this hurt so often.

I knew it wouldn’t help her when I told her that her friend is not moving far away and she will stay in the same School as her. It was not the same anymore, she will not be able to just walk across the street to just hang out. Now she’d have to make a phone call and hope that her friend would be available and get in the car to drive and only have time until she will be picked up again.

Everything will be different and that is what scared her. Her world was falling apart.

The move will be happening this weekend and at this moment my kiddo is still sad. She is not ready to conquer the fear and see the new possibilities. I know she will. Often change is hard, when it is not coming from you. 53992_20130209_071739_562477_307900815948311_178869285_n

It was not her choice to loose her friend. But we will work with this and find the positive things in this together. She will be able to move on. I think it is important to be allowed to feel the loss, the anger, the denial and bargaining. And take all the time she will need to process. At the end she will accept and will be able to move on in her own given time frame. I am here when she needs me.


Those are the inspirations I found on Zibbet for “change”:

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How do you handle change?

Here some more ideas from Etsy:




I hope your changes may all be positive. Have a wonderful week.



14 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: change

  1. Thanks for a heart warming story. Growing up a Military Child, I always found change brought a new adventure. I love the description of CHANGE you quoted from Dan Mount. I found it very positive. ♥


    1. That was my intention to find the positive in change. And I thought that you could relate Adrienne, living with the Military brings a constant change that you have to learn how to deal with from early on. I am happy to hear that you took it as an adventure.


  2. We moved a lot when I was young because my step father was military. I was lucky to raise my boys where they have long term friends. They have also all stayed in touch all these years even living in other places. It might be easier on your daughter if she could skype her friend. As hard as change is, it is healthy. The fear of change cripples us. It teaches us that tears are only temporary and hearts heal, It changes our path so that the world can become our playground and find out who we really are. Without change we would never learn to adapt to all the crossroads in life and learn to make better choices!


    1. I agree that change is healthy. And is necessary to be able to move on. It is just hard for me to watch my little one going through and find their own way.


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