Spotlight Friday: Teddy bear

This year my family gave me a gift, that brought back a lot of memories. On my birthday they went out to the mall, so I could have a few hours of “me time”, and they came back with a Teddy that had a heartbeat and said “Happy Birthday Mommy”.

It immediately took me back to two very special memories I have.  One was a bear that I had gotten from my Grandparents when I was about 2 years old. I loved that Teddy and it had to go everywhere I went. He looked like this bear.


So when we left Germany to go to PNG it was with me in Boarding School and it came with me when I had to leave PNG early to go back to Germany. By that time his fur was pretty worn, but he always gave me the feeling of being safe. At some point he lost one of his eyes, but that didn’t matter to me.  Sadly I do not know what happened to this very loved bear. I am suspecting that when my parents came back from Overseas and we moved that it got tossed because it looked a little “old”.

The other memory I associated with my new bear was one from Boarding School as well. After School in the afternoon the staff and teacher that worked there offered activities like learning how to play the guitar, do woodwork, learn how to batik or play the recorder. I remember one time one of our matrons offered a reading club. I knew I wanted to join that immediately. I loved books, always had some under my pillow for “midnight reading” with my flashlight hoping not to get caught. So when I got to the first meeting she told us that she had picked a few books of the series  “A Bear Called Paddington (1958)” (written by Michael Bond and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and other artists)

I enjoyed those afternoons listening to someone read the story, laying on a blanket watching the clouds go by and imagine yourself living Paddingtons stories. Sometimes we would share his favorite snacks while reading.  I lived through those adventures with him, it wiped away the sadness for a little while, made being homesick a little less heavy.

My family named my new bear “Fuzzy” and it has a cute little dress. During the day she sits on my bed. At night times my youngest one will grab her and cuddle up with Fuzzy and push her chest every once in a while to hear her heart beat. 21709LR Isn’t she cute?

I see it coming that this bear will be “owned” by my youngest for a little while longer. That makes me happy. I really miss the bear that I received from my Grandparents at a young age, but this Fuzzy  is a wonderful reminder of all my Teddy memories and is just as significant.

These are my Teddy Zibbet finds

(just click on the individual picture and it will take you to the corresponding shop)

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Instant Digital downloa.Little girl in tutu dances with teddy by Ruffles and Roses

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Unscented Pink Castile Soap Teddy Bear by MadeInMystic

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
16 inch chenille teddybear by crivellobears

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Crib mobile Baby mobile Nursery decor by ZooToys

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Tape Measure with Beloved Bear Retractable Measuring Tape by AllAboutTheButtons

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Whimsical Cute Fantasy Art Painting – Be Very Careful by rusticgoth

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Stained Glass Original Design, Teddy Bear and Basket by Rick’s Artglass

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Handmade decoupaged birthday card by CrowCottageCrafts

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet
Teddy Pattern – Fred Bear Old Bear by warmheartcraft


Slipping away into memory lane here, just looking at all those cute Teddies.

Here are some I found on Etsy:  (this link will take you to the Treasury)


A few months ago I stumbled over the DVD from Paddington Bear. And I couldn’t help myself I had to bring it home. The whole family sat down and watched the movie. Often somebody would talk during movie time in this house. But this time it was so quiet and you could see tears getting wiped away here and there. It might be a simple movie but it held a ton of memories for myself and made new ones for my kids.

Here a little teaser for you, if you haven’t seen it yet.


I want to wish you a wonderful day with lots of good old and new memories!



8 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Teddy bear

  1. Awww, Teddy bears are always wonderful. Even as a big kid, I love them!! Nice collection of Teddy bears you have here!!


  2. Great story! I love teddy bears too 🙂
    Back in the 60’s, my family took a trip during the summer and drove from ME to CA and back. (Plus all over the US basically) I purchased a black teddy bear when we were in San Francisco, CA. The shop was on Nob Hill, so I called him Nobby. Somewhere in New Mexico, on the way home, I had left it in the bed at the motel room. I can remember being so devastated. I really loved that bear. Well, when we finally arrived back in Maine, on the front porch was a box. The box was from the Motel in New Mexico. The teddy was inside the box with a note that said the chambermaid had found it, figured I probably wanted the bear, gotten our address from the front desk and mailed it to me! Pretty neat, eh? That bear has been through 3 wars with two different dogs and has had multiple surgeries and lost most of it’s fur, but I still have it! It’s been, what, 50 years. After my folks died several years ago, I had to clean out their house and there the bear was, still in my bedroom, so I packed him up and brought him back to my house. He still lives with me and reminds me of our trip.


  3. Wee Bindery

    What a fantastic theme and collection of teddy bears!
    This brings back so many memories of my childhood.
    Thank you for including my “teddy bear” journal in
    your collection!


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