Spotlight Friday: liquid Gold

The other day I heard from the kitchen :”Honey, our honey is pretty low, we need some more honey.”

Off I went to get some more local liquid Gold. We don’t have any white sugar in our house, we use honey as a sweetener or dates.

My Dad has had Honey Bees for a long time. I remember sitting out on the patio having breakfast when I was a teenager and hearing the bees humming behind us. Yes, he had the bee houses on the patio. I still see the big honey extractor standing in the kitchen and my Dad cranking away to get the honey out of the honey combs. Before that he had either me or my brother scrape the wax of the honey combs with a tool that looked like a hair pick.

The amazing thing is that in all those years I only got stung once, right behind my ear because the bee got caught in my hair. Boy that was a major headache for a little while.

Even now my Dad still has bees. IMG_3104

When we lived closer, he was our Honey provider. Because local honey is the best thing to get.

Honey has so many health benefits, you can read some of them here. From Cough syrup to Allergy reducer. Hubby takes it for his Arthritis with Cinnamon.

The other day in our Zoo, I learned that one bee produces 1/12 th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime, and that is usually only around 3 weeks.   Wow, that I was not aware of. That made me appreciate our honey even more.

In order to produce 1 pound of honey, 2 million flowers must be visited. A hive of bees must fly 55,000 miles to produce a pound of honey. One bee colony can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year. An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

liquid gold

So my oldest was literally sitting on a pot of liquid Gold there. This was one of the big buckets we would get from my Dad while still living in Germany.  Now we get a big jar from our local store.

9 facts about bees:

-Honey bees can fly at speeds of up to 15     miles per hour

-a honey bee colony can contain up to 60,000 bees at its peak

-A queen honey bee stores a lifetime supply of sperm

-the queen bee lays up to 1,500 eggs per day, and may lay up to 1 million in her lifetime

The honey bee uses the most complex symbolic language of any animal on earth, outside of the primate family

-Drones, the only male honey bees, die immediately after mating

-Honey bees maintain a constant temperature of about 93º F within the hive year-round

-Honey bees produce beeswax from special glands on their abdomens

-An industrious worker bee may visit 2,000 flowers per day

Here are my liquid Gold Zibbet finds for this Spotlight :

(click on the picture you like and it will take you to the corresponding shop)

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

LAST ONES 2in1 Medihoney Manuka Honey Amazonian Eczema Remedy Lotion Bar by EtesianPlantaceuticals

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Honey Amber Galaxy 094 betsybeads Lampwork by betsybeads

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Large Honey Bear Hood with Super Soft 20% Wool Yarn by Cuppa Sea

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Honey Pot, Boite à miel by Handmade Market

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Honey Bees fine art print by texaseagle

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Beeswax Snowmen and Santa Minis Set of 3 by GardenGateDesign

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Bee Pendant – Rustic Gold, Insect Jewelry by OldeDogNewTricks

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Tape Measure with Beloved Bear Retractable Measuring Tape by AllAboutTheButtons

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Baltic Amber Necklace Honey Gold Natural Multi Strand Jewelry
by DreamsFactory


So many pretty items that remind me of my Dad’s honey.

Here are some more from my Etsy Treasury:


I wish you a wonderful weekend. And may a bee cross your way, you know she is working hard on her 1/12 of teaspoon of honey for you.



11 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: liquid Gold

  1. blnl

    I truly learned a great deal!!! Thanks so much for including my “hunny” bear!


    1. you are welcome Barbra. I love bees, even though they sting. The other day one hitched a ride in my car. She was full of pollen and was running in circles on my back seat. Had to save her and put her on some of my flowers.


  2. Mary

    How interesting! I so look forward to your Friday posts…you are a gifted writer as well as your adorable knitted creations! Thank you for the stories!
    Mary Z


  3. Thanks Frauke, love local honey & love it in my coffee etc.!! I would love to have bee’s & honey of I could. Great write up & some great bee gifts!!


  4. My little puppy got stung on the nose by a honey bee the other day. I think I was just as sad for the bee as I was for my boy.


    1. ouch…. hope your little 4 legged friend was not in too much pain. My youngest, when she was about 2 or three got stung in the “boob” once because her sister had swatted at the bee.


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