Spotlight Friday: Computer in pieces

I said I wasn’t going to write about it last week. But now I have to. Last Thursday, just before I was going to dive in and start working on my weekly Spotlight my trusted, favorite purple Laptop got heavily injured, unintentionally, by my daughter. I didn’t yell, which I was really tempted to do. It looked like the screen was cracked,kaputt but it was the layer underneath the glass that had taken a hit and it changed into wonderful colors when I tried to hit any key to see if this was a temporary thing. But it wasn’t.

I didn’t want to let my readers down and not have a Spotlight for Friday. So I asked my kid if I could use her laptop and add some things to hers, so I can get all my treasuries done. “Sure” she said. So off I went to get started, with a big sigh because I knew how much longer it will take me this time to write it. Keeping my fingers crossed that I had saved my “coding” for my Zibbet treasury in a place that I could still access.

By this time my hubby came home from work. I told him what had happened. My daughter tried to melt into the couch because she knew she was going to have a ear full in a second.

But it didn’t happen. He told her, stop what ever you are doing right now and go with your Mom and get a new laptop, you know she needs it for her work. That was it. All she did was nod and got up to get ready, breathing a sigh of relief inside.

So off we went, on a Thursday evening to get me a new writing tool. After we got back I was determined to get my Spotlight done. It was late that I got to bed that night, but I finished. The next morning when I wanted to share the link to my blog  the laptop didn’t even turn on…….deep breath….. try again…. is it even charged?…. plug in the cord…. still nothing…

hm…. what else could there be….no… still dead.

So I called my neighbor if she was up for a trip to the Electronic store because this new thing is already not working. My friend is always up for a trip with me and said she would be ready in an hour. We both hadn’t had breakfast at that time yet. So at 9 we left our house and set out to bring this thing back and exchange it. In the mean time it was pouring and it was pretty dark out there.

We got to the place and found out we where an hour early! We did a little detour to our favorite crafty place and killed some time in there. Both of us could spend hours in there.

Shortly after 10 o’clock we where back at the electronic store to bring my laptop back.  It took a while to exchange because the clerk didn’t quite know what or how to do it.

Back home, now lunch time, I get ready to set everything up again.

This time the laptop worked 4 1/2 days and it did the same thing like the first one, just as I was getting ready to write my Spotlight. So yesterday, I went back and exchanged it again. This time I changed brands, back to what I was using before. I still have to get everything up and running, still need all my add ons. But first I wanted to get my writing out of the way, so you have something to read about. At the moment I am cautiously optimistic.I am going to wait a few days to put everything back on this machine. Just in case.


I am hoping that this one will last as long as my first one. It is amazing how you get attached to those machines and how much they are intertwined in your life. It is so convenient, to quickly look something up, to write something down, to exchange some thoughts with your friends and so on.

This made me think of the mouse that I mad a little while back. I hope he is doing well at his new place and enjoys working there.

laptop mouse

If you would like your own little geek mouse, shoot me a message, or contact me at FB (


Here are the items I found on Zibbet  when I typed in “laptop”. If you want to have a closer look, just click on the picture and it will take you to the right shop.


Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Hand painted personalized mug – Computer Geek
by TheGiftedLady

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Sterling silver binary code cuff bracelet
by Metalopia

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Geek Craft Recycled Circuit Board Clipboard MCz9
by DebbyAremDesigns

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Measuring Tape with Keyboard Fabric Covered Tape Measure
by AllAboutTheButtons

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Hard Drive Clock by Recycled Tech Creations

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Wrapped Apple Brand iPhone 5 Charger by WraptureDesigns

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Wink Smile Silver Ring ,Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring , On sale
by smilingsilversmithring

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Circuit Board Bow Tie Geek Nerd bowtie Pre-Tied bow on Band with Hook and Loop tape Closure by alittlegeeky

Item Title by Shop Name on Zibbet

Floppy Disk Pillow Set
by freakyfleece


and here are the fun pieces I found on Etsy:

I titled this treasury “computer in pieces” . At some point the last few days that I what I wanted to do to these faulty electronics.


But don’t worry none of the electronical devices was hurt in the process. I packed them all back up in their original packing and brought them safely to their place and disposed it on the clerks desk. What happens after that is out of my hands.

So I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you next Friday!




8 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: Computer in pieces

  1. blnl

    I’m sure I would not have been as calm as you were during this “glitch”!!! Thanks so much for including my tape measure.


    1. over the years I learned that yelling doesn’t solve anything, plus it doesn’t fix my things either….
      You are welcome for the include.


  2. What perseverance, Frauke, and in the end this week’s “Spotlight Friday” not only has lots of super items to see, but a super story. Thanks for that “gotta-get-it-done” attitude,



  3. SlicKnitsSocks & PEIsocks

    Wow… when I think I’ve had a bad day…. I’ll think about your computer woes and will feel humbled. Fingers crossed that whatever computer you end up with… it will not turn out to be a one week wonder!!! Built in obsolecence… like so many of our technology gadgets. But, this one is pretty extreme. We used to be able to use things at least until 3 days after the warranty runs out, didn’t we? Wow!!!
    SlicKnitsSocks & PEIsocks.


    1. that is true usually you could use things past warranty. Nowadays not even close. So I will keep my fingers crossed as well that the 3rd time is a charm


  4. Awww…you were so calm!! Tech support leaves a lot to be desired these days. So glad you hopefully found a system that will last. Great piece and super finds 🙂


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