Spotlight Friday: swimming

On Memorial Day we got to hang out with some friends at their community pool. It was cloudy at times, but balmy 87 F (about 30 C). The water was quite fresh, which didn’t bother our kids much.

After catching up and discussing the latest news we grown ups decided to go in as well. It took a bit of moving around to get used to the water temperature.

We played a few tag games and then my oldest challenged me to some races. So we moved over to the deeper part of the pool and started racing. She knows that I was on the swim  and diving team in PNG as well as in Germany.bulolo

I always loved swimming and really miss it here. Our backyard pool, which we put up over the Summer break is not meant for real swimming, just splashing and relaxing floating.


My kids a “Wasserratten” ( water rats) as we call them in German. Hard to get out of the water. They could stay in all day if I’d let them , freely translated it would mean “water lover”.

A lot of times in Boarding School we went on outings to either hot springs or rivers to go swimming. That was always a lot of fun. river

That’s me, facing the camera, with short blondish hair.

I did win quite a few races and diving competitions we had against other Schools.

But that was about 35 years ago and I don’t have the stamina to swim that fast anymore. I do have to say I still beat my oldest on every lap we raced. Quite a few times it was very close. It was fun and reminded me of my active swimming time. I really wish we had a public pool closer where I could swim some laps on a regular base.  Maybe if I ever win the Lottery I will have my own Olympic size pool in the back yard. (Dreaming is allowed )

These are the wonderful items that I found on Etsy:


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I can’t wait for the Olympic Games to start this year. I love watching the Summer games.

I don’t think it is hard to guess what my favorite competitions are that I like to watch. It has to do with water.


Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!



2 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: swimming

  1. Had no idea you were a water baby, Frauke. Thank you for the trip back in time and your fun with the kids in May. Loved the YouTube diving video. So amazing. I was born in Denver, which as you know, is a mile high city. Very few places to swim. Neither of my parents knew how to swim and I disliked the swimming lessons — don’t like getting water in my ears to this day.

    Thanks so much for including my bikini girl greeting card. So thoughtful.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes, we love the water. Not so much the one where you can’t see what else is in the water with you though 😉 I am happy my kids love it as well. We are filling out pool as I am typing. School is out and we are ready for some splash time.
      Very pretty lady in the bikini.


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