Sorry if you missed last weeks Spotlight. I got sidetracked and then left town. But therefor I will share something fun with you.

A few weeks ago I got a request from a friend. She wanted to know if I could make some owls for her. So I started to make one and got a branch and sat it on. This was the final result. mjeule

I made a Mama and son owl pair for her on a branch as well. You might of seen the picture if you follow me on FB.

I am part of a Bartering Group on FB called Creative Bartering. Go have a look, there is a lot of talent to be found there. And all of them love to barter.

gerund or present participle: bartering
exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.
“he often bartered a meal for drawings”
There was a message in my inbox the next day from KraftyMax if I would be interested in a trade. She would like two branches with an owl each.  I have traded with her before and love her bead work. And  I know a few of my friends and kids would like to be gifted to as well. So off I went to get some more branches.
She wanted one in the Fall colors like in the first picture and one in purple.
During our conversation she asked me if I could make a bird as well. I had to hunt for a pattern first. I found one that I thought would work and tried it out. My first bird I made I was not happy with. ohbird
Her tail was too big and through the knitting you could see the stuffing. I didn’t like that. So I wanted to rework it and come up with something that I would hang on my wall as well. It worked, I found a little nest with eggs in it and attached it all to a branch. nestc
I packed them all up and sent them off.
A few days later I had some goodies in my mailbox from KraftyMax. One was for my friend, her birthday is coming up beginning July. But I couldn’t wait to give it to her , as soon as I opened the package I had to bring it over. See for yourself.
My friend loves it. Put a big smile on both of our faces. Thank you, KraftyMax.
There where more treasures in my package!
See for yourself. I already wore the blue earrings. They are so light.
It was fun bartering with you again, thank you for the opportunity.
If you would like to find your bartering partner there are many options through the internet. My favorite spot is the Creative Bartering Group on FB  . Go take a look. Beverly posts a lot of pictures of the trades that have happened. And there is such a variety of talents, and constantly growing.
Happy Bartering and a wonderful week!



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