Spotlight Friday: …. my thoughts are somewhere else….

I am sitting here debating what I should write about. It doesn’t seem right to enjoy this still relatively nice weather at the moment. A light breeze, a few clouds and some sunshine, while the people at the coast line are evacuating their homes, to get out of Hurricane Matthews path. The kids got out of School on Tuesday and shortly after High School got out I heard the first rumors of School being canceled for the rest of the week. I went on the internet and found our Governors address to the people and she had mentioned all the school counties that are closing, Lexington was one of them.


Shortly after, I got the call from the School district, yes no School for the rest of the week. They need the buses and Schools for the evacuees. Our High School is one of the Shelters from the Red Cross. Over 1 Million people are estimated to evacuate from the SC coast. They have to go somewhere, at least 100 miles away.  So the Midlands it is. But the hotels are booked for a Gamecock football game this Saturday.

Wednesday morning when I went to go grocery shopping the traffic got stopped for the School buses, so they could all get on the highway the same time. It was a weird feeling to see this long line of yellow buses, all empty getting on the highway. On one side it was , “yes, they are going to go help those poor people that don’t have cars, living in old folks homes, hospitals etc.”  On the other hand it was “oh my, all those poor people have to pack up just a few things and leave, hoping their home will still be there when they get back” And as well this thought has crossed my mind “boy, am I glad we are not any closer to the coast”


Our buses arriving in Charleston. A big thank you to all those drivers that put their life on hold to transport all those people and bring them to a safer place.

So many mixed emotions. The stores are stocking up for all the extra folks that will be here for the next few days. You read comments on the internet like “why are we already evacuating when the storm is still so far out and we don’t even know what will happen?”

“why are the kids getting out of School for this?” etc.  But I think this was a wise decision, to get out of harms way. You can’t evacuate this many people in only a few hours. A trip that usually takes about 1 1/2 hours took many people 6-7 hours, even with highways being reversed.

This makes me feel kind of guilty. Knowing a lot of friends down in Florida facing a very hard situation and a lot of friends along the SC Coastline are in the same boat.

There was this picture of the storm on the internet that was really scary. A picture from October 4th.


My hubby has been very busy the last few days. He works for the VA Hospital and they are getting all the patients from the VA in Charleston. Wednesday he left home about 8:30 am and didn’t come home until after 10 pm. And he said he was not the last one to leave, some still stayed behind because some patients where still on the road. Thursday he left at 9 am to go to work telling me ” don’t know if I am coming home tonight late or at all. I’ll give you a call” And out the door he went.

You can feel that everyone is waiting to see what is going to happen. A lot of people are on the edge, still recovering and rebuilding from the flood that just happened a year ago, the first week in October. I know of a few people that decided to ride the storm out and stayed put.

While writing I got to the conclusion that I will not do a spotlight. My thoughts are all over the place.

It feels so eerie, so surreal. Even my cats seem to know that something is going on. One is constantly coming to the window and crying.

I wish it was all just a bad dream and I will wake up soon. So my thoughts are with all those people that have to make that hard decision to leave their home , with the ones that decided to stay put and with all the people that are going to go out and help, rescue, fix and save.

While I am thinking of all those people, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hoping they will stay safe.





2 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: …. my thoughts are somewhere else….

  1. As our Canadian autumn arrives offering all of Nature’s colourful splendour we have so much to be thankful for on this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

    My heart is with those who must leave their homes and head inland to a safer haven.

    Sometimes we get the tail end of the southern hurricanes but they are usually not as destructive to those of us who live further north.

    Keep safe Southern Neighbours.

    Faye Goode
    Prince Edward Island, Canada

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    1. no changing of the leaves down here yet, Faye. But hoping to see it soon. It might be just a tad bit too warm still. We had a rough Friday night and Saturday, lost electricity but made it through. The reports from the coast where not so nice and Matthew is still doing damage in NC right now.
      I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving up North! Enjoy the Fall colors for me 😉


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