Spotlight Friday: compositions

I don’t do Halloween, I don’t like dressing up at all. I never liked it, even as a kid.I did participate in some Christmas plays in Elementary School, but only because I had to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing other people getting all dressed up. For myself, it just makes me feel hm…don’t even know how to describe it…..not me!  I wouldn’t say uncomfortable, it’s just not me, not something I desire. I don’t like slipping in other rolls. I like doing me!  I love watching Theater plays or Opera, how people slip into rolls, and do it so believable. As a Teenager my friends and I had a Theater group, I was always in the background, organizing stuff, creating stuff etc. I didn’t want to stand on the stage and play someone else.

What I loved all my life and really miss living here is going to the Theater, a musical or a classical concert and here and there an Opera.

While I was living with my Grandparents in Munich, my Grandma and I went to the Muenchner Residez Theater at least 2-4 times a year.

It’s a beautiful place.


I still remember the first time we went there. It was an late afternoon play, because it was also for kids.It was cold, close to Christmas and it was snowing on the way there. The Opera was “Haensel und Gretel”, the music was written by Engelbert Humperdinck.

Just a little sneak peek.

The opera premiered in Weimar on 23 December 1893, under the baton of Richard Strauss. With its highly original synthesis of Wagnerian techniques and traditional German folk songs, Hansel and Gretel was an instant and overwhelming success.[1]

Hansel and Gretel has always been Humperdinck’s most popular work. In 1923 the Royal Opera House (London) chose it for their first complete radio opera broadcast. Eight years later, it was the first opera transmitted live from the Metropolitan Opera (New York)

I felt all grown up, I must of been 12 years old. My grandma had sewed me a new black skirt and a white blouse just for this occasion. I really enjoyed sitting in those fancy old seats in the bottom.


I remember when it was intermission, everyone went into the halls outside to grab a drink or a snack. My grandma usually got me a glass of orange juice while she had a glass of champagne.

In my early twenties when I moved back to Munich to finish my degree and then started to work there I picked up this habit again. I found some like minded friends to go watch plays or musicals.

Getting dressed up and being excited about what we are about to watch.  Usually we went to the Deutsches Theater downtown Munich. I remember my first Musical there was “West side Story”. Most of the times you could buy a CD on the way out, which I mostly did. So I can relive some of these wonderful evenings.

In later years I also traveled to other big cities in Germany like Frankfurt and Hamburg to go and see Musicals there.

I think I need to do some digging into our Musical scene her and expose my kids to this kind of environment as well.

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One of my favorite Musicals is still Phantom of the Opera. I read the book, saw the movie and saw the musical twice.

This is one of my favorite songs

Andrew Lloyd Webber did a wonderful job on all his Musicals.

I might just have to dig out my cds and start listening to them.

What is your favorite memories about going to a play, musical or opera?


6 thoughts on “Spotlight Friday: compositions

  1. I,too, don’t care for dressing up but am in awe at the theater and go whenever possible. We just got tickets for “Carole King:The Musical” in February…can’t wait!

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  2. As a former dancer I was always dressing up and wearing costumes so by the time Halloween came around it was not such a big deal for me. Except maybe for the year I went as a skunk – that was fun
    Another great post


  3. I would love to dress up, but never find an occasion, so I’ll just stay little old me 😉

    I have quite a few friends who are avid musical goers, it has become so big here over the last years, but I’m sticking to my old musicals and I also don’t like that musicals here are sung in German.
    A highlight for me was maybe ten years ago or so when the original Broadway ensemble of “West Side Story” did a tour and a friend asked me spontaneously to go. We got tickets and I absolutely adored it.

    Thank you for featuring my Phantom of the Opera pendant!

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