so many socks

I have been knitting quite a few socks since before Christmas. My friend and her family in Germany always expect at least one pair per person in their Christmas gift. So around October I start getting my DPN’s (double pointed needles) out. Believe me I have quite a few.  And start sorting through my sock yarn, to see if I have enough left overs to get some socks together. Often I just use a whole bunch of rest pieces and make a colorful pair. They don’t mind if they are not matching. Then I go to my favorite yarn page and order a few skeins to make some special ones as well.  If you follow me on FB then you might have seen a pair or two that I have shared there.

I had some requests as well and ordered some more sock yarn,

and made some beauties like these.

A few weeks back I stumbled over a pattern that I really liked and made me think of my friend in Germany.

The pattern is called Yinyang Kitty Ankle sock and you can find it on Ravelry ( a knitting and crocheting community, with lots of free patterns and fun friends).

I made a pair and showed it to my friend “of course I would love a pair”. Said and done. Knitted two pairs and sent one off to Germany. The other one is in my Etsy shop



While I was trying to finish my own ankle socks for the warmer weather knitted from Bamboo yarn my daughter requested a pair of kitty socks as well. And I am working on an order for cat socks at the same time.

This is how it looks when you have too many socks going and only one set of hands to work a sock. toso

So my plan for today is to finish the blue sock, it is close to the toe and then it goes pretty quick because every other row you decrease. Then I will finish the brown sock, daughter has smaller feet than I do and it’s already the second sock. The gray sock pair will be my weekend work. We are expecting colder weather (like yucky sleet or cold rain), after we had a nice stretch of 70’s and 80’s already, so I will enjoy my couch with some nice warm yarn and creat some socks.

I hope you have some wonderful plans for your weekend!