pretty creative week

Since I have left a note here about 2 weeks ago, so much has happened.  We had been just in the midst of finalizing our new roof for the house, everything came to a screeching halt due to Florence. The School decided to close on Tuesday for the remainder of the week, the appointment I had in Charleston got canceled and the roof company thought it might be better to wait until the storm is over to put a new roof on our house, which I totally agree with.

So now after Florence has swept through, we just had a little mess in our yard, nothing major though, luckily, our daily lives are back to a normal flow. Dentist visits, music classes etc.

I did manage to finish the bunny wreath before the storm. And I think it turned out rather sweet.


During the storm I tried to work on the yin and yang socks, but I didn’t get very far. Guess my kiddo has to wait a little longer.

I did finish two wreath covers. One in black and one in bright colors. 41741853_10156415970246830_3831612690665570304_o



I also decided to try myself  at some painting. I have not done any painting in years, well besides the family tree wall painting on my hallway wall. At first I just dabbled around with some ideas. And then I came up with this. Quite colorful.



My friends birthday is coming up, well it is at the beginning of December, but she always wants hand knitted socks for her birthday and Christmas, so I better get going with her socks, they don’t knit up too quickly and google just told me that Christmas will be here in 97 days….. I have to ship them  before a certain date so they will get there on time, better hurry.  My friend is a very colorful person and her favorite color is orange, so that is what she will get. 42137728_10156427602626830_1801051611674443776_n

The funny thing is she has the same shoe size as I do so it is easy to knit. But her hubby and daughter wear the same size socks as well, so her stack always diminishes and she finds socks have immigrated to other drawers.

And yes I have started to work on some mice as well, at least one mouse is half done, and plenty of mice ears. 42199243_10156427617381830_6525709353184395264_n


Well that will be it for today. I hope I can show you some progress on my new mice wreath really soon.


Thanks for your comments!

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