it would help to know my Physics….

So the last thing you saw was this


I think by now it’s safe to say that this will be a wreath with two trees, some sky and grass.

I then made a hammock, that I attached to the tree trunks. And went on to making the mouse and the accessories. I had to wait for the feedback from my kiddo on the teachers eyes. I like making my mice personal.


The hammock looked pretty comfy to me. I am one to spend a lot of time in my own hammock, enjoying the sounds of nature, soaking up the sun or reading a good book. Or sometimes just taking a nap.

What I didn’t take in account that the mouse would not have the same weight distribution as I did.

After I had finished up the mouse I sewed it to the hammock and picked the wreath up on it’s hanger.

Guess what???

Yes, the mouse did a flip and was hanging belly down!!! Sorry, I have no picture of that. I was just too frustrated with myself. Why didn’t it dawn on me, that the lightweight hammock would not hold the “heavy” mouse.

I had to ponder on that for a little and tried a few options.

I finally managed to find one that wouldn’t look too funny and awkward.

This morning I printed out some book covers and cut out little book pages and sewed the books together. I then glued them to the wreath.Hammock5

Attached my little tag and wrapped it up. Sat the kiddo down to write a little note for the teacher as soon we got back from School.

I hope the teacher gets to enjoy her Summer Break with some good books in a hammock.

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Spotlight Friday : I ♥ books

I love a good book. For me a good book means I can start reading and forget everything around me. Live the story I am reading at the moment.

I remember reading “the never ending story” at the beach of Corsica, I think I was 16 years old. Laying at the beach. I could not put this book away. Hours upon hours I was reading. We where on a Pastors + Family retreat. So there where a few other kids and teenagers that we knew and hung out with. While I had made sure everyone was covered with sun lotion first.

Corsica I kind of forgot myself and payed the price in the evening. I was so burnt at the end of the day that I couldn’t even bend my knees or sit properly on my chair. I still have this book. I remember opening it the first time. The story was written in two different colors and the pictures would pull you in.

A few years ago when my Grandma passed away. My Dad started sending me all her books.  I love him for that. He knows I need to feed my hunger for books, my hunger for imagination that comes with the written word. And reading in my Mother language has a little bit more magic for me, then reading it in English. Don’t get me wrong, I like reading a good book either way. It just tends to be a little easier in German plus it sets of a bit more imagination.

At the moment I have a little bit more of, what I call “heavier” literature on my bedside table. It is more informational stuff. Things that I want to learn, help me get better. A friend just send me a book the other week. It is called “Darm mit Charme

You can find a little info on that right here (I am pretty sure there will be an English version soon)

Also I have a lot of Sarah Ballantyne’s books at the moment, that I am working through, due to my health issues that I was facing last year.

I can’t wait for the time my kids are out of School and I can get back to more reading again, where there are no fixed schedules no appointments we have to be at. I enjoy reading with my kids next to me with their noses stuck in a book too.  Here and there hearing a chuckle or a deep gasp. Knowing they are living the story they are just reading.

I tried reading on a tablet, but that is no fun for me. I need to turn the pages, be able to jump back a few pages to reread something real quick. I just don’t get the same excitement out of an electronic device.

Now off to Zibbet, let’s see what kind of magic happens when I type in “books” in the search:

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      So what is your favorite book? 


I love the Summer time, that means for us a weekly visit at the Library. Learning what my kids are interested in reading right now and hearing from them what they thought about the book they just read.

What are you reading at the moment?

Book Lover

I keep collecting books I know
I’ll never, never read;
My wife and daughter tell me so,
And yet I never head.
“Please make me,” says some wistful tome,
“A wee bit of yourself.”
And so I take my treasure home,
And tuck it in a shelf.

And now my very shelves complain;
They jam and over-spill.
They say: “Why don’t you ease our strain?”
“some day,” I say, “I will.”
So book by book they plead and sigh;
I pick and dip and scan;
Then put them back, distrest that I
Am such a busy man.

Now, there’s my Boswell and my Sterne,
my Gibbon and Defoe;
To savour Swift I’ll never learn,
Montaigne I may not know.
On Bacon I will never sup,
For Shakespeare I’ve no time;
Because I’m busy making up
These jingly bits of rhyme.

Chekov is caviare to me,
While Stendhal makes me snore;
Poor Proust is not my cup of tea,
And Balzac is a bore.
I have their books, I love their names,
And yet alas! they head,
With Lawrence, Joyce and Henry James,
My Roster of Unread.

I think it would be very well
If I commit a crime,
And get put in a prison cell
And not allowed to rhyme;
Yet given all these worthy books
According to my need,
I now caress with loving looks,
But never, never read.

                                                                          by Robert William Service

Spotlight Friday: sleep

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I never thought the time would come where I wished I could sleep more and better. As a Teenager I didn’t think sleeping was important, I never gave it a second thought. I could sleep in on the weekends until about 10 am, not unless it was snowing and I had to get up and shovel the walkway to the Church. I used to sleep deep, nothing would wake me up.

A few years later when I started working in a Foster home it completely changed my sleeping habits and the depth of my sleep.  When you know you have 8- 12 kids in the house with you and they are mostly teenagers, you only sleep with one eye and one ear closed. You are the one responsible that no one climbs out of a window or has any other weird ideas over night. Sometimes I had the whole weekend shift, and I was a wreck after that. During the week we usually had either the early shift, which meant be there at 6 am to wake everyone up, work until 8, then have break until lunch. Or the late shift starting at 2 pm , officially until 10 pm, but you know with kids you never get out “on time”.  I lived about a 35 min drive away from work and if you had the late shift you had early the next day. Then you throw the swing shift from my hubby in the mix and you have a disaster of sleep chaos happening. He gets up at 2:30 am for early shift and at 6:30 am for late shift.  He learned during his military time to go to sleep anywhere anytime. He sleeps before his head hits the pillow. I am so jealous of him, I can’t do this. As a mom you have a gazillion things that go through your head at night, stuff that didn’t get done, that needs to get done fist thing next morning etc. It is hard to turn that stuff off. Then we still have a kiddo that wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a way into our room and wants to crawl in with us.

I know I have to find a way to relax and fix my sleeping mess, I know it is affecting my health. But is this hard. I thought fixing our food habits was hard, this seems nearly impossible to me at the moment. Often I wake up and feel like, I just went to sleep, I don’t want to get up now.  I do tend to try to solve my problems while I am sleeping. How do I know? Ask my teeth. I sleep with a extra hard night guard, otherwise my teeth would be stubs. My front bottom teeth are pretty short and the ones on the top are so fragile because my bottom teeth have ground groves in the back, so the chip or brake if I don’t wear the guard. So there goes my peaceful sleep. I know I have to take this one step at a time. Many moms told me, you will not be sleeping properly again until your kids have moved out of the house…… I sure hope to get some better sleep before that happens.

I tried Valerian roots, Lavender oil, I have put duct tape over all the green lights from alarm clocks etc.  Oh and I forgot our cat, the newest thing is, he likes sleeping with me under my blanket. I push him out, he comes back.

So if you have any remedies of getting better and deeper sleep, I would love to hear it.


Spotlight Friday: Back to School

I know it is just middle of July. It feels like we just got out of School. My little one did go through the rest of my School supply from last year, last week. And packed the stuff into her backpack that was on the list for the new School year. Still some things missing, so the next question was “when are we going School shopping?”

As you go into the stores here you see all the School supply showing up on the shelves already. We don’t start School for another month. Even on the news yesterday they told that now is the time to get the cheapest things. Am I ready for School to start yet again? I know my little munchkin is, missing the friends.

So let’s see what we can find on


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so are you ready for another School year?