it would help to know my Physics….

So the last thing you saw was this


I think by now it’s safe to say that this will be a wreath with two trees, some sky and grass.

I then made a hammock, that I attached to the tree trunks. And went on to making the mouse and the accessories. I had to wait for the feedback from my kiddo on the teachers eyes. I like making my mice personal.


The hammock looked pretty comfy to me. I am one to spend a lot of time in my own hammock, enjoying the sounds of nature, soaking up the sun or reading a good book. Or sometimes just taking a nap.

What I didn’t take in account that the mouse would not have the same weight distribution as I did.

After I had finished up the mouse I sewed it to the hammock and picked the wreath up on it’s hanger.

Guess what???

Yes, the mouse did a flip and was hanging belly down!!! Sorry, I have no picture of that. I was just too frustrated with myself. Why didn’t it dawn on me, that the lightweight hammock would not hold the “heavy” mouse.

I had to ponder on that for a little and tried a few options.

I finally managed to find one that wouldn’t look too funny and awkward.

This morning I printed out some book covers and cut out little book pages and sewed the books together. I then glued them to the wreath.Hammock5

Attached my little tag and wrapped it up. Sat the kiddo down to write a little note for the teacher as soon we got back from School.

I hope the teacher gets to enjoy her Summer Break with some good books in a hammock.

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and then there was this…..what will this be?

while I was at it……  I mean, while I had my mouse supply out I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start on my youngest teacher gift, for the end of the year. Just finished the music teachers gift yesterday.

These are the wreaths I made last year for the teachers.

After my kiddo has the same teacher she had last year, I have to come up with something different.

She did love her wreath though and had it out in the hall as deco for a while.


So I found this ham2

and then I added a little bit of this


The end product for today is this


I still have to figure out how to add a few distinctive things, to make it more 3 dimensional, but that will happen the next few days.

At the same time I have to start on a mouse that will go on this wreath.

What do you think this will be?



Spotlight Friday : The Alps

This morning I got a little sentimental. It was around 7:30 when I came back from dropping the kids off in School. While I was driving I had a wonderful sky on the left, all in pinks and purples, the sky was literally  on fire. Straight ahead though the clouds where piling up for some rain.  They looked beautiful and reminded me of the Alps.


So majestic. The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range system that lies entirely in Europe, stretching approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) across eight Alpine countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

When I was younger we used to do family trips into the Alps, sometimes just for a day, sometimes for a few days. If it was a day trip everyone had  a little backpack with something to drink and some food. Always wearing “Bergstiefel”(climbing boots)

6627_0, looking like this. I remember mine had red shoelaces.  And having a walking stick, mostly found on the way up. Or sometimes when you found “the walking stick” you would keep it and bring it back the next time.

If it was a trip over few days, then you would spend the night in a “Berghuette” (Alpine hut/ shelter). Some of them would be just one big room with beds in it, and some of them would have more rooms. You’d have to plan and call ahead of your trip to make sure you will get some place to sleep.


I still have the memory in my head of walking up the hills over the “Alpenweiden” (alpine pasture) and hearing the cows with their bells.

(Kuehe und Kaelber auf die Bergweide bringen/  taking the cows and calves  up to the pastures)

Or drinking the cold fresh water coming out of the mountains, sticking your toes in to cool off after a long hard climb. Or trying to wash off the cow poop from your shoes that you accidentally stepped into. I can still smell it. Not only the cow dung, but the fresh air, the flowers and the water.


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If you’d like to see a little bit more of why I miss my Bavaria so much, you can watch this video (it’s about 25 min)

Spotlight Friday: path, intuition, balance

The other day I had a “mini reading” from

she does a reading with one card periodically or you can get your own full card reading. I love those mini readings, so far they have supported me in my decisions that I have been making and sometimes felt a little insecure if I was on the right path .

This week I got the card of “Goddess of Air” and it said :

[Goddess of Air] A balancing of past karma is coming. You are advised to prepare yourself to sweep out the old patterns and accept the new ones. This is a time of growth, and if you are willing to transform, you could find yourself on a new path.

“wow” was my first comment when I read it. Just what I was working on lately. I felt stuck, they way I had been doing stuff, the way I was tackling things.  I am still not quite sure how this is going to  change, but I am sure that if I keep an open mind, then I will find the new path, or that new path will find me.

Change is never easy. I will have to take it step by step and see where this new path will lead me.

Lately I have been feeling lost, stuck, indecisive. I had little hints and help here and there from friends, strangers and family. But I still didn’t feel quite ready yet, my eyes have not been quite open. So this for me is like a “wink mit dem Zaunpahl” , like a “Hint of the fate”

I am a very intuitive person. I listen very much to my inner “little” voice. When something doesn’t feel right, I will not do it. Even if there is no right explanation for it.  Decisions in my  life are seldom founded on rational thinking, yes the money things are, but anything to do with life are hugely influenced by emotions.

Of course this card got me thinking now. What old patterns should I sweep out and welcome the new?

So I went and searched for  “balancing Karma”. I believe that I have to humble myself a little more, let go of things, that I think I need to control. Trust myself and my family and friends. Don’t worry so much about the if, whens and whys. Just let it be. Not an easy task for me. Also in the same swing, I need to let go for myself too, be in the moment more, enjoy more of those little things. That cup of tea in the morning, without checking my mails. Watch those bees as they are humming around the flowers. Stop and watch my kids play games together, the close will be just fine laying there a little longer. Sometimes I am my worst enemy, putting too much pressure on myself. “What will the friends and neighbors think of me, when they come over unexpected?”

Right now I know I have a inside quarrel, I know this, because I can’t even sit down and enjoy my craft. I am restless. I want to sit down somewhere with a box of colors and color a Mandala . That has always calmed me and let me focus. Right now we have Spring break and our yearly BBQ right around the corner. So not really the time to find a quiet moment to crawl into myself and just be with me.

So while I am typing this, I popped on my old headphones and turned on my “vintage” CD player, to shut everyone out. So I can be in my thoughts and sort things out.  Listening to “Boys II Men”   

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My wish is to find that balance for my life.  I realize it is not the goal that counts, but the path there. It is easier though  if you have a goal to work towards, a picture you can have for your inner eye.

I know that I am total out of balance at the moment. I believe acknowledgement is the first step. Now it is on me to keep the momentum going and welcome the change.


I wish you a meaningful day!

Spotlight Friday: Arbor Day

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